RENO RINGS are the most universally applicable retaining system. Transferring large axial load from the located component onto the groove wall, the ring simply acts as a shoulder when mounted on a groove of a shaft or bore. Several types of rings are available to fit to various applications.



TTB develops special fasteners for a very broad range of applications to meet customer requirements. The development of Tool Design, Process Specification, Heat Treatment, Surface Finish and Packing are made to guarantee all customer requirements.



Applied on shaft and bores, Snap Rings are the retaining system that present the smallest radial width, providing application where space is limited and where the lug’s of a retaining ring cannot be applied. Its performance is generally inferior to the retaining rings due to its even section which provides uneven stress within the rings when closed down or expanded.



Washers are primarily used as a seat to distribute load, but it may also provide spring tension, span oversize holes, insulate, seal, lock fasteners, protect surface, or provide electrical connection. Several types of washers are available : flat, conical and helical spring washers, tooth lockwashers and special-purpose washers.



Compressed when driven into the hole, the pins exert spring pressure against the hole wall along its entire engaged length to develop locking action. Two types of spring pins are available : slotted and spiral. Both forms are made to controll diameters greater than the holes into which they are pressed. Spring pins are available for very light, medium and heavy-duty applications for use in both metals and plastics.



Disc Springs are the best solution when the application requires very high load in a confined space and short travel. Applied singly or in stacks, it is the best way to replace a coil spring to achieve the required load and travel under restrained design conditions. Disc spring applications are typically : Clutches, transmissions, braking systems. Valves, piping - Heavy engineering applications. Electrical switchgear.



TTB is one of the technology leaders in the manufacturing of speed nuts. Besides speed nuts, a large variety of fastening elements with one or multi-threads are manufactured in various material types for use in electronic equipments, household appliances, illumination industry and automotive.



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