TTB is a pioneer and leader company in the development and manufacture of many highly engineered fasteners and special fixations for the Brazilian and worldwide market. Our mission is to EXCEED OUR CUSTOMERS EXPECTATIONS THROUGH THE SYSTEMATIC APPLICATION OF TOTAL QUALITY AS WELL AS THE CONTRIBUTION TO CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT AND PROFIT TO ALL PARTIES INVOLVED IN THIS PROCESS.

Established in 1955, with the name RENO, TransTechnology Brasil is a pioneer in the manufacturing of retaining rings, engineered fasteners and special fixations.

In 1976, SKF group adquired Reno’s majority shares, thus naming the company Seeger Reno. Therefore, the manufacturing technology of retaining rings was immediately transfered to Seeger Reno, at the same time that it spread out even more strongly the image associated to multinational groups.

In 1995, Seeger Group, including Seeger Reno, became part of the TransTechnology Group in New Jersey, USA, whose main focus is on metallic fixation parts, currently a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and commercializing of metallic fixation parts of highly engineered technology.

1955 – Established

1976 – Company bought by the SKF group

1995 – The TransTechnology Group bought the company.

2002 – The Interkey Group bought the company.

In our plant of 12.300 m˛ in Diadema, SP, Brasil, the installations include a state-of-the-art tool-room, modern manufacturing equipment, heat treatment, surface treatment, a complete laboratory and an engineering team that brings about the most economical fixation solutions.

ISO 9001:2000 | ISO 14001:2004 | ISO TS 16949:2002


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